| Next Level

Do you like your physical body? Are you happy with your emotional life? Are you satisfied with your mental and intellectual abilities? Are you spiritually striving with everything within you?

If you’re honest with yourself, the answer to most of these questions is probably no. And while you may be somewhat satisfied with your present set of levels, there is always an inner drive to do more, to go harder, to reach farther, and to strive for higher. Something in you wants to go to the Next Level.


Amazing Graduation Speech
"The ABC's of Life"


| Words from the Heart

As the president of his class at Hampton University,
Tim Lee was privileged to address his class in 2004. He ended his speech with Sherri ScottNovoa’s: “ABCs of Life”. Since then, the video has gone viral
and has been viewed millions upon millions
of times on Facebook.

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2016 JJC Black Teen Summit
Keynote Address

Words of Encouragement
to Class 2016


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